With over 25 technical designers and using state of the art design software, developed over many years, the formwork is designed to suit your project using the most economical assortment of panel sizes. The combination of bespoke software and the experience of the MFE’s designers, guarantees the most efficient construction process, incorporating the optimum assembly procedures, economical panel selection and ultimately minimizing capital and operational costs.


The basic element of MFE Formwork is the panel which is a framework of extruded aluminium sections, welded to an aluminium sheet. This produces a lightweight panel with an excellent stiffness to weight ratio, yielding minimal deflections under concrete loading. Panels are manufactured in standard sizes with non-standard elements made in the sizes and shapes to suit the requirements of specific projects. The panels are made from a high strength aluminium alloy. The face of the panel is a 4mm thick plate, on a framework of specially designed extruded sections, welded to form a robust component.


Our site staff will also guide our Clients to achieve the agreed construction work cycle to maximize the efficiency of the formwork and labour force on site. The simplicity of MFE Formwork Technology and the repetitive nature of the assembly process make it possible to accurately programme construction sequences and thus cycle times well in advance. In addition this enables unskilled labour to work with the Formwork therefore reducing the burden on skilled labour when this is in short supply.


A lot of importance is given to safety on site and that is why MFE has developed an integrated safety / working platform which ensures labour safety during erection and striking of the formwork system. This eliminates the necessity of scaffolding the building by traditional methods during construction of the concrete structures. Two levels of working platform encircle the perimeter of the building ensuring safety is paramount. Safety is incorporated into the MFE formwork with integrated brackets to support walkways on external surfaces. It avoids separate scaffolding for safety during shuttering operations.

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