Dr. Ivan McCabrey.

February 3, 2021




It is with great sadness that we have just learnt of the death of one of the founders of our original organization, Dr. Ivan McCabrey.

The directors and staff of MFE in Malaysia would like to pass on our sincere condolences to his wife Heather, and daughters, Claire, Emma, and Gayle, along with Ivan’s immediate family.

The original company’s name Mivan was made from a combination of the names of the two main people who formed the original company.
The “M” is from the name Mervyn McCall and the “IVAN” from Dr. Ivan McCabrey. Mivan was formed when the two meet and became good friends at University where they studied engineering.

In 1991 Dr. McCabrey and Mervyn McCall formed Mivan Far East in Malaysia, with an objective to introduce a new method of construction to the region using aluminium formwork. This innovation enabled much faster construction speeds with a very high quality of finish, and 30 years on, MFE is still the market leader, not only in Asia, but across the globe.

Without Dr. McCabrey, there would be no Mivan, no Mivan Far East and no MFE Formwork Technology.

We shall carry on the work you started in Asia, with the same energy and commitment that was always a part of your life.

May you rest in peace.