MFE – Lafarge Holcim

February 7, 2017

A monolithic building system that marries speed & precision

FASTBUILD™ is a monolithic building system developed by Lafarge Malaysia in partnership with MFE Aluminium formwork. The aluminium is pre-designed to form all structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical components of a building in an effective, single site-based operation. LafargeHolcim’s highly fluid, self-placing and self-levelling Agilia® concrete perfectly complements this system: it flows effortlessly through the formwork, leaving no space unfilled and producing flawless finishing.

The FASTBUILD™ building system was first commercialized recently when Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education launched “The Community Home Project”, where students from higher learning institutions work with the private sector to build affordable houses for low-income families. Before the project was officially underway, the Ministry commissioned four pilot units to be built, all using different systems, to compare efficiency, quality and cost.

Is it possible to build a comfortable, durable home in just 9 days? Our teams in Malaysia are doing just that!