Insha Trading & Contracting in Qatar

August 9, 2018

We are proud to be associated with our partners Insha Trading & Contracting in Qatar, and our first project together in Salwa Road, Doha is progressing at record breaking speed. The project is to build a low-cost accommodation township consisting of 184 two story apartment blocks with 18 apartments per block, along with the associated support infrastructure including shop-lots and mosques to service the community.

Insha developed a challenging construction program with an ambitious target to complete the construction of the main building superstructures within just 12 months. To achieve this goal, Insha selected the MFE aluminium formwork solution for the apartment blocks, and MFE was tasked to design and supply 4 full sets of formwork which totaled some 92,000 m2 of our MivanForm aluminium formwork system
Delivery of our first formwork sets to the site started in February and the MFE support team started the set-up and construction of the first block immediately.

Colin Hookham, MFE’s business Development Director visited the site on 28th July to see the progress since February and met with our senior site engineer Lawrence McVeigh who has been the MFE on-site head of operations for the project from day one. As you will see from the video, the progress of the job has been amazing with over 60% of the apartment blocks already built, and the Insha team is on target to complete the superstructures by the end of October/early November, well ahead of schedule.

Congratulations to Insha on their success and the MFE team who helped to make it possible.