MFE are proud to have established our market-leading aluminium formwork solutions for our client in France.

January 5, 2022

MFE – Speed, Quality and Efficiency, or as they say in France, Vitesse Qualité et Efficacité !

Take a look at how this beautiful architectural photo concept, called “Les Jardins,” a low-rise apartment in Nice, France, slowly comes to life.
MFE has designed and supplied the monolithic formwork system together with the Spring Pin fixings for the project. The MFE aluminium formwork system makes it much easier to cast the concrete and assemble and strike the formwork with very little effort, making your construction project more efficient, as well. Our client has seen an impressive increase in productivity and finished quantity using MFE solutions.
MFE Formwork in Nice, France MFE Formwork in Nice, France MFE Formwork in Nice, France