MFE Self-Climbing Platform (SCP) on Mumbai, India. MFE makes your construction projects safer.

October 26, 2021



The Piramal Mahalaxmi construction project in Mumbai, India, has received and installed an MFE Self-Climbing Platform (SCP) system. We are delighted to be a part of this fantastic project and to work together to attain the highest level of safety possible.

By utilising fully enclosed safety screens, MFE SCP systems ensure that the highest level of safety and drop item protection is maintained when working on all floors of high rise construction. It also can be configured in various options depending on the client’s requirement.

MFE has the expertise to design it for any high-rise building and any special requirements. MFE SCP can deliver a very cost-effective safety solution for any high-rise construction project, regardless of the scale of the project.