MFE Aluminium Formwork

Monolithic Systems

MFE offers a revolutionary aluminium formwork construction system which has been developed and successfully used around the world to form cast-in-place reinforced concrete structures.

Using our aluminium formwork solutions, all building components can be cast in a single operation, including:

Walls • Floor slabs • Columns & Beams • Stairs

Door and window openings are also incorporated. The resulting structure is extremely strong and highly accurate in its dimensions and achieves a high-quality surface finish with only minimum “skim coat” required for final surface finishing.

MFE System Formwork can dramatically increase the speed of construction with a 4-5 day per floor construction cycle average.


MFE Aluminium Formwork

Rapid Cycle Times

Using the MFE system, our customers are able to dramatically increase the speed of construction with high-rise buildings constructed at a rate of 4-5 days per floor and landed properties constructed at a rate of one house per day using a single set of forms.

We use a ‘Production Line’ process approach for each key task.

Install Wall Steel

1st Fix M&E

Fix wall and slab formwork

Install Slab Steel

Concrete pour
Formwork stripping


By implementing daily work cycles, we achieve high productivity levels.

  • MFE formwork is designed for each project so the on-site construction process is simplified.
  • Semi-skilled or unskilled labour can be utlilised with training and coaching by MFE supervisors.
    • Reduces the reliance on carpenters and bricklayers.
    • Substantial labour & material cost reduction.
  • Systematic approach allow fast construction times with excellent quality results.
  • Construction ccycle of 4 days per floor achievable.
    • Includes all walls, cores, stairs, balcony’s, architectural features, pre-installed MEP etc.

Typically 4 – 5 day per floor build cycles are achieved.

Double or single storey home build cycle of 1 house per day can be achieved.

MFE Aluminium Formwork


High Reusability & 100% Recyclable

MFE aluminium formwork panels are designed for strength, endurance and can be re-used for multiple construction projects to maximise return on investment (ROI).

MFE formwork panels are manufactured using high grade aluminium alloy. This material is 100% recyclable and can be sold at products end of life at high relative scrap values. By re-using MFE Formwork you will substantially reduce future project formwork costs.

  • Panels can be re-used hundreds of times.
  • No timber or plywood consumable costs.
  • Stock panels can be integrated into new project designs.
  • Re-using stock formwork reduces the cost of future projects.
  • Maximises return on MFE formwork investment.
  • 100% recyclable with high scrap value.

MFE Aluminium Formwork

System Application

MFE Aluminium formwork can be utilised for a wide range of applications.



  • High-rise from mid-luxury developments to social and affordable housing projects.
  • Low-rise with multiple block clusters.
  • High-end landed housing and villa developments.
  • Town-houses.
  • Single or double-storey housing.


  • High rise office buildings.
  • Hotels.
  • Mixed use developments (Office/Hotel/Residential).
  • Car parks.

MFE Aluminium Formwork

Main System Benefits


MFE formwork can be used several hundreds of times on multiple projects.


Average weight is only 23-25 kg m2 so no heavy lifting or cranes are required.

Finish quality

Achieves a high-quality finish with no plastering required.

Fast build cycles

Typical cycle time of 1 floor every 4-5 days or 1 single storey house a day are achieved with MFE Formwork solutions.

Fully recyclable

Aluminium formwork is 100% recyclable at the end of its usable life.

Reduce site rubbish

Constant reuse keeps the construction clean, safe and tidy.

Design flexibility

MFE design team are highly experienced in designing formwork solutions for multiple types of building and applications.

Strength & Stability

Able to withstand high concrete pressures.

Higher construction quality

Reduced costs, shorter schedule.

Reduced labour costs

Formwork can be assembled with non-skilled labour.

MFE Aluminium Formwork