Quick Deck

System Overview

MFE Quick Deck is designed to construct large slab areas quickly, safely with minimal labour, and is fully compatible with all MFE formwork systems.

Quick Deck

System Details

The Quick Deck panels are suitable for slab thicknesses of up to 650 mm with a usable lifespan of hundreds of re-uses with proper care and maintenance.

The standard panel size is 1.2m x 1.8m but sizes can be customized to suit customer needs when required. Quick Deck panels weigh only 32kg, and are easily handled without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

The standard size panels give flexibility for all projects and the opportunity for maximum re-usability of Quick Deck stock. Special in-fill zones are easily managed with our unique MFE IN-FILL extrusion for simple integration of timber/plywood for in-fill areas around columns, beams walls etc.


Quick Deck

Main System Benefits

Quick Deck panels are standard sizes so able to be re-used repeatedly on new projects without additional design costs.

  • Suitable for slab thicknesses up to 650mm.
  • Usable lifespan of hundreds of re-uses for maximum ROI.
  • Standard size panels give flexibility for all projects and maximum re-usability.
  • Quick Deck props allows fast work cycles to be achieved.
  • 100% high grade aluminum alloy fully recyclable after end of usable life with high relative scrap value.
  • Compatible with all MFE Formwork systems.