IQPC Kuwait Housing & Residential Development

May 23, 2017

MFE at Kuwait

Approximately 100,000 people are currently awaiting housing to be supplied by the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) in Kuwait. The enormity of this problem has prompted the PAHW to construct five new cities on the outskirts of the Kuwaiti capital which will provide homes for Kuwaiti families.

With this in mind, MFE Formwork participated in the International Conference at the Kuwait Housing & Residential Development Forum taking place from 23rd May to 24th May 2017 at The Convention Center and Royal Suites, Kuwait to introduce the total formwork solution to the housing construction market.

The exhibition held was eventful and fruitful. With additional opportunities to meet with our new customers during the exhibition, this gave an energy boost to us to penetrate Kuwait market.

We thank you for your visit and special thanks to the great works by the team on putting this exhibition a success one.